Odalis Martínez

Odalis Martínez is one of our real estate agents for The
Crest Group in Santiago. With 22 years of experience in sales and customer service in Puerto Rico and Hawaii she is now working hand in hand with the Crest Group team to be the best for our customers’ needs.


She loves the world of real estate because she enjoys
learning about the market and every time she sees a "For Sale" sign, she feels the urge to either invest or tell others about it. "I love to walk inside the properties and help my clients visualize how their new home would finally look after they acquire it". "A new home is where all the memories and amazing stories will be kept, it is gratifying to help others
find it".


Born in Puerto Rico and raised in New York and Boston,
Odalis has always had a passion for sales and service. She acquired her Bachelor's Degree in Business Management in Puerto Rico and continues to learn and improve as she transfers those skills to real estate so she can best serve her customers in helping them achieve their dream of owning property in the Dominican Republic.

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