About Us

The Crest Group

The Crest Group's mission is to provide a specialized real estate experience for our customers as well as our agents. We believe in being there for our customers from the first to the last step and beyond. We understand the NYC market and are here to help and be not just an agent but an advisor and partner in your real estate experience. We firmly believe in transparency and clear management of expectations in all aspects of a transaction. Whether you are a renter, buyer, seller or landlord we at The Crest Group are here to provide top quality service with our premier agents.

We here at The Crest Group believe that a quality agent is what brings value and we pride ourselves on having some of the best agents in the industry. It's not the amount of agents that a company has but the quality and integrity that makes a difference in today's real estate marketplace. We are your agent, your advisor and your friend. We make the business of real estate a personal and unique experience for everyone involved.

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